Robotics Competitions

April 2015. RoboCup Junior NY/NJ

I was the team leader and lead programmer for my team in the RoboCup Junior Rescue A – Secondary division. The robot was created using entirely 3-D printed parts and uses an Arduino as its controller. The robot’s sensors include three I2C color sensor attached to a multiplexer and a Sharp infrared distance sensor.

In terms of programming hurdles, I had to rewrite the sensor libraries given by Adafruit for their color sensor in order to increase the speed of the sensor by about 5000%.

IMG_0681.jpg        IMG_0634.jpg

Summer 2015. Robot at UPenn Summer Robotics Program

This was the robot used for the final project of the University of Pennsylvania Summer Engineering Program. I created this in a team of three people. My role involved designing the entire chassis, creating some of the circuits, laser cutting all of the plates, and using CAD for some of the 3-D printed components. The function of the robot was to navigate a maze and use the ball shooter (on the other side of the purple plate in the top of the picture) to shoot projectiles. The top plate is also connected to a rack gear so it can move up and down along the two poles on the middle plate.


Spring 2014, RoboCup Lead Referee

Instead of competing, I was employed as the lead referee for the RoboCup Junior NY/NJ competition. Although they are not pictured, I designed and built all of the fields used for the RoboRescue A – Primary and Secondary divisions.IMG_3112.jpg

Summer 2013. RoboCup Junior International Competition

My team flew to Eindhoven, The Netherlands for the RoboCup Junior 2013 international competition and competed in the Rescue A – Primary division (I am in the black and white striped shirt).


Spring 2012. RoboCup Junior NY/NJ Competition

Competed in the Rescue A – Primary division of RoboCup Junior. The robot runs using Lego NXT components and has the capability of line tracing while avoiding obstacles, and scanning for objects in order to move them to a corner.


Spring 2011. RoboCup Junior NJ/NY

We competed and won second place in the RoboCup Junior NY/NJ Rescue A – Primary division.



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