Community Service


2014-Current:   Design, Find Funding for Self-Sustaining Robotics Program to Teach local Underserved Students

I began learning programming and robotics in third grade at a technology-learning center not affiliated with my school.  As my interest and knowledge grew, I became interested in teaching what I had learned. While I initially taught at that center, I also decided to start a community program to teach robotics. I decided to implement the program at the Martin Luther King Youth Center in Bridgewater NJ. I wrote a budget plan and proposal and sent it to various places for months until the Bridgewater Rotary Club generously donated money to help start my program. The center where I originally learned, Storming Robots, provided me with the software licenses and curriculum to start teaching .


 Currently, I teach robotics to students at the youth center during the school year and am making plans to continue the program after I graduate. 

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